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Sneha Fab Tex Presents Five Stitch

Since 2002, Angel Group has supplied premium fabrics to India's top boutiques and designers, building a reputation for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We proudly introduce our brand, Five Stitch

Modern Kurtas and Shirts

With our expertise, Five Stitch offers premium men's kurtas and shirts. Enjoy top quality at prices that match the value. Discover the perfect blend of style and comfort with our collection.


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Most journeys start with a series of questions. For us they were: why are we paying so much for razors? Why are so many of us (a third of women to be exact) using men’s razors? Why can’t we find razors without animal ingredients in them? We were confused. The campaigns showing girls in white bikinis shaving already hairless legs didn’t have the answers were looking for. Our interviews with hundreds of women on their shaving and habits made it clear we weren’t alone. That was all needed to start going to the bottom with overlooked shaving glitch. All of that led to the birth of Estrid — a fierce and female-focused.
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